:30 TV Spot for LouLou's Griddle in the Middle - Monterey, CA
I was driving across country with a new DV camera and computer. I stopped in Dallas and shot this video and edited it that evening in at tent on a campground in Louisiana.
Big Sur Land Trust Promotional Video
Back when it was first novel to use a phone to shoot video, I was invited to shoot a short for Oracle's First Cell Phone Film Festival- so my wife and I made this expressionist film.
Be sure and check out my cameo in the new Quincy Jones documentary, 'Quincy' on Netflix.
Then there's that time I took a picture of my son with Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon/NASA lens.
The Carmel Bach Festival Youth Chorus in a short documentary I produced and directed.
This is a funding short I made for the Carmel Mission Foundation. 
Here's a commercial I co-created and storyboarded, which we shot in Mobile, AL and Destin, FL.
For a couple of years I shot short films for each concert produced by Chamber Music Monterey Bay. Emerson String Quartet was probably the most well known ensemble I shot.
I produced and edited this documentary for Restorative Justice Partners, Inc., assembled from dozens of interviews.
This video won 2nd place at Trend Micro's Titanium Micro Video Contest. I'm not a big fan of contests, but I thought this idea was fun and I was hoping to win a donation for the Mahito Shirako Scholarship Fund.
This is one of many collaborations with my friend Edwin Huizinga- a promotional video for one of many performance groups of which he is a member.
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